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Mindfulness is a pragmatic tool for successfully dealing with life challenges in each moment of Now – a way of accessing the Joy of Being.

Through becoming the compassionate witness to events in your life story, you momentarily disengage from the current drama, fear or anger and thereby bring about growth and transformation.

In general we live our lives unconsciously bound up in our thinking selves – our personalities – often overcome by life circumstances. The practice of Mindfulness is the practice of Presence, whereby we transcend incessant thinking, and allow the sacred light of our awareness to illumine and transform ourselves.


Regular weekend workshops at Mindful Pilates Studio, exploring practical Mindfulness techniques for use in everyday living. Course notes provided

Additionally on offer are intensive 4-week courses run at the School of Intuition and Healing at the Novalis Institute.

For further information please visit www.intuitionandhealing.co.za or refer to latest Linkup publication.

Please see Facebook Page for further information, dates and prices or contact Denis directly on:

021 715-4863
Cell: 082 6909 738
email: dmgphoto@netactive.co.za

“The thread of Mindfulness runs through my 30 years of meditation practice, Reiki healing, Tai Chi, long-time association with the White Eagle mystery school, study of the teachings of, among others Eckhart Tolle, and as a spiritual care counsellor volunteer at St Lukes Hospice.”